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PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.55 is Live

System software updates are regular and mandatory for PlayStation 4 and the next one in line is now live and ready for download on your console.

The system software update 2.55 went live just a little while ago but sadly, the developers have not shed a lot of light on what areas the update is going to attend to.

For instance, the patch notes that accompany the download message on your console comprise of just one sentence that is as vague as any:

System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

So yeah, you are getting more stability; however, you are out of luck if you were looking for some new features that would make the PlayStation 4 more cool to use.

that doesn’t decrease the importance of the update for your console though because it is mandatory and you will need it in order to access PlayStation Network.

I guess that is all we can share with you on this front, keep checking back for more information and just crank up the console so that it can be downloaded.

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