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For Honor Weapons, Fighting System Discussed by Ubisoft

For Honor is one of the games that Ubisoft revealed at E3 2015 and it really weighs in on melee combat. The game has three warring factions with each one having its own weapons, fighting styles and more.

Creative Director for the game, Jason Vandenberghe, took to the Ubiblog with details on the weapons and the combat system that is being employed in For Honor.

Here’s what he had to say about the weapons:

Wherever you’re holding your weapon, that’s where you’re safe. You’re automatically blocking in that direction. So if I’m holding my sword to my left and you attack me on my left side, I’m going to block it. But if you attack me from the right or from above, I’m going to get hit. It takes time to change my stance, so I need to anticipate what you’re going to do.

As you might have already noticed, the fighting system in For Honor is going to be of much more importance to you n order for you to excel in the game – at least in comparison with other similar titles.

In this game, things like your opponent’s stance and weapon type will matter much more:

We built the fighting system this way so that you’re really watching your opponent’s stance. This is what you would be doing in a real fight. When you’re going up against someone with a weapon, you’re paying a lot of attention to where their weapon is. You care a lot because if you don’t… Well, the fight is over for you.

Do you think the differentiation that they are trying to create in For Honor’s weapons and fighting system is going to make it worth buying?