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Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Hits PTR, Patch Notes Revealed

Blizzard just released the patch notes for Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 which has been live on the public test realm (PTR) for a couple of hours now. There is a lot in store, so let’s look at them one by one.

Three new features namely Season Journey, Kanai’s Cube and The Ruins of Sescheron have been introduced to the game through patch 2.3.0.

For The Ruins of Sescheron they say that it is “filled with new enemies, traps, and environmental hazards, you’ll be able to explore the region and learn more about what befell the barbarians of Mount Arreat.” Also, you get Kanai’s Cube by exploring the Immortal Throne.

As far as Kanai’s Cube itself is concerned, it “is a new artisan that offers a slew of new recipes to fully customize your items and catalogue your Legendary powers.” The recipes that are available include extracting legendary power, reforging legendary items, converting set items, upgrading rare items, removing level requirements, and converting gems or crafting materials.

Moving on, Season Journey will become available once Season 4 starts and it “is divided into chapters, each with their own descriptive goals and achievements.” More on it when it is live.

Here are some of the general changes that have been made to Diablo 3 with the patch 2.3.0:

  • Torment VII-X difficulty levels have been added to the game
  • Experience gained, including all sources of Bonus Experience, is now averaged across all players in a party that are eligible to receive experience
  • Crowd control resistance cap has been increased from 65% to 95%. This now applies to immobilize effects as well
  • Non-elite monsters can now benefit from crowd control resistance
  • All monsters other than bosses, Rift Guardians, or certain large monsters (like Mallet Lords) are now vulnerable to knockback effects
  • Knockback effects are now subject to crowd control resistance rules and monsters will become immune to knockback at 65% resistance
  • All hard crowd control effects (e.g. blind, charm, fear, knockback, stun) now automatically apply 20% crowd control resistance regardless of the duration
  • Lantern Oil and Barrel Stack traps can now deal damage and stun or knockback enemies
  • Vendors now only sell Magic amulets and rings
  • Gems that drop below level 61 have been condensed into 5 tiers. The values of these remaining early gems have been adjusted so they feel more powerful

Head to the official website of Diablo 3 for the full list of the patch notes.