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Celebrate GTA V Independence Day with Double RP and Money

While most Grand Theft Auto V players will be still concentrating on gaining the Ill-Gotten Gains swag, thoughts of this weekend and America’s July 4 celebrations may have been in the back of their minds. Rockstar Games have been preparing though, and will be marking the event in typical GTA V style.

Los Santos will be celebrating Independence Day with a sale on monster trucks and firework rocket launchers, so get ready for the chaos.

A discount of 25% will be available for the two items, as well as the Sovereign bike and clothing that will fit the style of the day. So expect plenty of star and stripes around the city.

More interesting bit for people who want to do some levelling up and making some money from jobs, there will be a doubling of GTA dollars and RP for all jobs on the Independence Day Online Event Playlist.

The jobs on this list will be patriotic in nature including a parachuting “Guns and Gasoline” mission, and Road Tripping team deathmatch. There will be much more to take in too, whether we see any aliens on the day is another matter.

I’m sure that some can load up the Director mode on the PC and make up some Alien invasion missions if they need, or maybe even recreate the Independence Day trailer. There has been plenty of trailers recreated in Grand Theft Auto V to make this something very believable.

To make the most out of the July 4 celebrations, the event is live now and will go onto July 6.

Will you be celebrating July 4 in Los Santos? Let us know your thoughts on the GTA V event below.