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Xbox One Elite Controller: Present Profiles, Apps, Thumb Stick Discussed

Microsoft’s reveal of the new Xbox One Elite Controller at E3 2015 was received with major debates (mostly positive) due to the additional features that it brings.

However, it is highly priced and the decision whether you will but it or not depends partly on your wallet. That being said, Larry Hryb the Director of Programming for Xbox Live held a podcast to discuss some more of its features that might make it simpler to figure out that this is really a must have controller.

Here’s a roundup on everything that he discussed:

  • Xbox One Elite Controller Worldwide launch is expected in all major markets in October 2015 and other will follow soon after.
  • 9 foot (2.8 metres) braided nylon USB cord will ship with the controller
  • Remapping is done at controller level
  • Adjustable thumb stick sensitivity – shape movement from quick to slow based on rotation as well as independent sensitivity setting for x and y axis
  • Ability to set min-max for buttons
  • Preset profiles for FPS, racing, fighting etc. Specific title presets to follow later
  • 255 savable profiles can be stored within the app
  • Ability to scale the dead-zone on trigger pulls
  • Profiles will be saved in the cloud once Windows 10 releases, on console only until then
  • App won’t work on Windows phones but will work on tablets
  • Controller will work on Windows 7/8 machines but app won’t
  • Microsoft is working with third party to release themed paddles and thumb sticks
  • Binding button also acts to disable the paddles with a double tap and vice versa
  • 3.5mm headphone jack will allow sidetone (also available on the new standard XB1 controller), adjustable on the console