The Delivery Of Mirror’s Edge Was Flawed, According to Patrick Bach

The original Mirror’s Edge was no doubt a great game but many of us felt it could have been better. The potential was there, it was just a matter of living up to it.

The art design was amazing but the level design often failed to compliment the mechanics. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way, as DICE’s Patrick Batch himslef feels things could have been better.

In a recent interview he spoke about the game and when asked about this issue, he agreed that the potential was there but many things just didn’t work due to city limitations.

..the promise of the game was amazing but the delivery of that emotion did not come through. So you have the promise of Faith, which did not really come through to its full potential because of some problems with the storytelling, some problems with how it was told, etc., etc. The movement, great potential – didn’t come through because the city was limited and it was also quite hard. A lot of people quit before they got passed the tutorial, because they kept dying.

Mirror’s Edge is a very unique franchise in itself and Batch said they are trying to be different, however, they aren’t “trying to be different to win an award for being different.”

He further said that no sane company (not that EA isn’t sane) would invest in an idea like Mirror’s Edge. However, they feel the freedom to pitch their ideas to EA but not everything will go through.

DICE hopes to learn from its mistakes and make Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offer the best possible experience.