Team Fortress 2 Mod Brings Splatoon’s Gameplay

There’s a new Team Fortress 2 mod in town, one which converts the humorous team-based shooter into the Nintendo Wii U third-person shooter, Splatoon.

Dubbed as “Splat Fortress,” teams of four span on each side with the sole objective of inking the most turf. Where the ink splatters in Splatoon actually looked like splatters, the same effect in this case has been achieved through cubes. Nonetheless, the Splatoon feature of being able to dive through the ink is still there.

The game mod has been mapped by Dr. LilRobot, the same one who last month unveiled a prototype of a new Team Fortress 2 story mode. The future of that single-player mod is still being decided. If I recall, it had something to do with the community’s interest fueling the project.

Apart from Dr. LilRobot, the coding part for Splat Fortress was done by FlaminSarge, FissionMetroid101 handled the animation and modeling, and Stachekip, the “Voice Splatter.”

The mod looks like a work in progress. Perhaps with future updates we can have the models shrunken down, and with Splatoon-themed hats.