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Star Citizen Reveals the Genesis Starliner Ship on Limited Offer

The mightily impressive Star Citizen has revealed a new ship in its ever-growing fleet in the form of the Genesis Starliner.

This ship will allow players of Star Citizen the ability to partake in a very unique experience of being commercial pilots, delivering a large crew of passengers safely to the desired destinations, and that too on time.

There are tons of details on the ship itself in the above shared link to the reveal page, but the criteria for getting this impressively designed craft is to pledge $400 to the development of Star Citizen.

The offer is limited time, meaning you’ll have to make the pledge by July 6, or you miss out on having the Genesis Starliner in your game once it arrives.

Star Citizen is an extremely ambitious project by Chris Roberts that has the potential to be a breakthrough in gaming. After successfully being funded on Kickstarter, the development of the title has dramatically increased, and is expected to be launched in 2016.

Star Citizen combines space simulating with conventional first-person shooter mechanics in a Milky Way-level massive multiplayer online world. In addition to its MMO mode, it will also feature a singleplayer and co-op mode called Squadron 42.

The game is set to be released for PC (Microsoft Windows and Linux) next year, and will utilize the powerful CryEngine technology. It will also feature Oculus Rift support. All PC enthusiasts should start saving up for a monstrous PC if they want to experience this title.