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PS One Title “N20: Nitrous Oxide” Successfully Emulated For PC, Available to Download On Steam

Well, the emulation scene is something PC gamers keep themselves updated with in the hopes of playing some classic console games. According to the latest happenings, N20: Nitrous is available to download on Steam. What’s so special about it you ask?

The game is a PSOne title emulated to work on PC. Moreover, it is legally available to download on Valve’s platforms.

Emulation lies somewhere in the grey area when it comes to its legality, things are vague but something we are damn sure of is that companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft aren’t in favor of their games being emulated.

Thanks to backwards compatibility you can play your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, while Sony has introduced PS Now to stream some classic games.

However, PC gamers aren’t able to play classic console games until some genius emulates them. We are far from a time when we will be able to play every single console game on PC, but N20 Nitrous Oxide isn’t a bad start.

Fans who download the game from Steam for only $3.74 are reporting that the game runs smoothly without any problems.

N20: Nitrous Oxide was published by “Console Classics” on Steam, and judging by the response it wouldn’t surprising to see “Console Classics” porting more console titles to PC.