Nintendo’s Iwata and Miyamoto See Increment in Shareholder Approval Ratings

Nintendo may not be the company they once were, but are still one of the most dependable when it comes to making quality games.  Fans of Metroid may complain that this is not always the same, especially with some of the latest releases that include their favourite franchise. For the most part, Nintendo’s fans stay dedicated to the company.

In business, people who work for the company have to also meet the approval of the shareholders at the company. At the recent Annual General Meeting of Shareholders votes were taken to check approval rates of the members of the board. The results can be viewed below:

Satoru Iwata: 80.64% –> 83.45%

Genyo Takeda: 86.80% –> 92.07%

Shigeru Miyamoto: 86.81% –> 92.07%

Tatsumi Kimishima: 89.11% –> 92.60%

Shigeyuki Takahashi: 93.32% –> 94.46%

Satoshi Yamato: 93.33% –> 94.46%

Susumu Tanaka: 93.33% –> 94.46%

Shinya Takahashi: 93.33% –> 94.46%

Hirokazu Shinshi: 93.33% –> 94.46%

Naoki Mizutani: 94.03% –> 94.52%

As you can see from the numbers, all of the members of the board has seen a rise in approval rate which is a good sign for the strength of the company. Names fans will notice are of course the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto who saw a rise from 86.81% to 92.07% and Satoru Iwata the President of Nintendo who saw a rise from 80.64% to 83.45%

While this is the business side of Nintendo it would be interesting to see what fans’ thoughts are on the approval of such people, especially with the lacklustre showing of E3. I’m sure there will be plenty who would not argue against the increment in the approval rates, where others (Metroid fans) may argue against this.

What are your thoughts on the approval ratings of the members of the board, have they delivered this year for Nintendo? Let us know your thoughts below.