Mortal Kombat X Predator Gameplay Gets Leaked With Some Screenshots

Mortal Kombat X has been out for a while now and while we’ve already got Jason Voorhees in the game, Predator has yet to make its appearance through DLC. This looks to be finally changing with some July game updates. In a series of leaked gameplay and screenshots we finally get to see what the alien will look like in the game.

Xbox user Sonicdude20th uploaded a series of videos that show not only Predator but Carl Weathers Jax doing battle in the game. Watch them here, though chances are they will be removed when word of the leak is revealed.

It hasn’t taken fans of the game long to notice this leak, with Reddit user grassisalwayspurpler providing some screen grabs of Predator and Carl Weather Jax as well as a few other things of interest.

In previous DLC Jason Voorhees was released into the game as was Tanya. After Predator’s addition that will leave Tremor to be then added to the action. These characters can all either be purchased separately or as part of the Kombat Pack which costs around $30.

Looking at the screen grabs the fatalities shown obviously take inspiration from the movie. With “Ghosting Us”, and “Certain Death” the names these are quotes from the film.

Brutalities using names like “If it Bleeds” and “Final Kountdown” are going to be favourites for the fans of the alien killing machine, but fans may question why there is no “Get to the Choppa.” It does look like one of the brutalities does feature skinning opponents, which is sure to be another popular option.

Does the Predator live up to your expectations in Mortal Kombat X? Let us know your thoughts below.