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League of Legends: New Chroma Packs Now Available

Riot Games has pushed out new Chroma Packs in League of Legends, and which are now available from the in-game Store.

The Chroma Packs are re-colored skins of existing champions that are made available at a lesser cost. The re-coloring in question, can be of the default classic look of the champion, or of a specific skin.

Chroma Packs are back! We’re bouncing out four new champion base chroma packs and two champion skin chroma packs, all designed with a specific theme in mind. So whether you’re terrorizing your foes with Morgana Haunt or dropping the axe with Darius Forge, these chroma packs re-imagine the champs and skins you know and love.

The Store has now these latest additions:

  • Caitlyn: Rebel Chroma (Pink, Green, Blue) – 590 RP
  • Darius: Forge Chroma (Black Iron, Bronze, Copper) – 590 RP
  • Morgana: Haunt Chroma (Toxic, Pale, Ebony) – 590 RP
  • Zac: Sweet Chroma (Orange, Bubblegum, Honey) – 590 RP
  • Headhunter Master Yi Strike Chroma (Gold, Aqua, Crimson) – 590 RP
  • Rocket Girl Tristana Punk Chroma (Navy, Purple, Orange) – 590 RP

Note that the 590 RP cost is for the Chroma Pack alone. It does not include the champion or the respective skin. In the case of Headhunter Master Yi and Rocket Girl Tristana, you will have to own the skin first before paying 590 RP for the respective Chroma Pack.