How to Get an Xbox One for Just $200 Mathematically

If you are yet to move to the current generation of consoles the best way to do this would be to look for some bundle deals, and Microsoft has some interesting ones available right now. They have a deal in fact that brings the price of the Xbox One console itself down to $199.99 (in theory).

There are in fact two deals available right now, one for the 1TB version though this appears to be out of stock at this time and another for the 500GB.

Though you will notice that the prices are $399 and $349 it is the bundle that brings the price down based on the cost of what is packaged with the console. The easiest to take off first is the $50 Microsoft store promo card, and then $40 for Assassin’s Creed and Halo though these prices will differ depending on where you buy the games. Add to this the new game of your choice ($60) and this in theory brings the price down to $250 for the 1TB, and $199 for the 500GB versions.

Looking past the problems with this bundle deal, the games that come free with it are actually good and the offer is actually a good deal, especially with another free game. If you can hold off till later in the year though there will be better deals coming along, especially when the holiday season nears.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox bundles, would deals like this make you consider the console? Let us know below.