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Horizon Zero Dawn Devs are Happy with Stable 1080p/ 30FPS

It got us pretty excited when Guerrilla Games showed off Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 2015 and ever since then, they have ensured that the game stays relevant in the news.

Some days ago, the developers had announced that their game was going to run at 1080p and 30FPS, you might think this was their initial target and seeing how some games can achieve more on the PlayStation 4, the frame rates might get increased.

However, that is not the case as Mathijs De Jonge, the game director for Horizon Zero Dawn at Guerrilla Games reiterated the same while responding to a fan query about the possibility of frame rates being upped to 60FPS.

For now we’re happy with 1080p/30fps and the vast amount of content we’re squeezing in.

Naturally, this has two implications, one that he mentioned “for now,” which could again give hope of a better frame rate per second in the future but since this is the second time they have explicitly stuck with 30 FPS, I highly doubt that.

Secondly, the developers are big on the content that they are making for the game and it appears that for the same reason they are sticking with just the singleplayer element of the game. They said that chances are slim for the multiplayer mode – read more here.

Another fan inquired about the frame rate not going below 30 to which Mathijs said that “we’ll make sure of that.”

I guess all is going well with regards to the development of Horizon Zero Dawn.