Halo 5 Dev Clarifies How In-Game Purchases Will Work in Multiplayer

During the E3 conference this month, Halo 5 developers 343 Industries announced that Halo would feature microtransactions in the game, called REQ packs.

Usable microtransactions will be limited to only cosmetics in the Arena mode, but in the Warzone mode players will be able to use more stuff like vehicles. In a reply to a community question in Halo Waypoint, 343 assured fans that there were certain limitations being implemented to prevent the multiplayer from turning into ‘pay-to-win’.

Designer Josh Holmes explained that REQ packs’ content in Warzone mode of Halo 5 multiplayer would not be available immediately to those who have purchased it. Instead, they would need to acquire a certain amount of ‘REQ energy’ that would unlock the pack, which is gained through killing enemies and achieving objectives.

“Deployment of REQ items is limited by the REQ Level and Energy systems that govern the Warzone experience. Each REQ item costs a certain amount of Energy to deploy. Everybody starts at REQ Level 1 at the beginning of each match and you gain levels based on your actions in the game.”

The energy is not going to be fixed either – the more powerful a certain REQ acquisition is, the more energy will be required to be accumulated. This means that players will need to have the required set of skills to effectively avail their purchases.

“Capturing bases, killing AI, taking out AI Bosses and killing enemy players will help you level up within the match. The more powerful the REQ, the more energy you need to deploy it–so, for example, you can spend two energy points to deploy a Warthog or save up until you reach REQ Level 5 and spend all of your energy to deploy a more powerful Banshee. Energy replenishes at a set rate over time, and you gain a bonus energy point every time you level up.”

There will be three tiers of REQ packs available: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Premium tier packs will also be available as a part of the special editions of the game. Overall, the tier of the REQ pack will determine the quality of the content within the pack.

Halo 5 will be released on October 27 as an Xbox One exclusive.