Driveclub: Update 1.19 is Live, New RPM Expansion Trailer Released

Following in its last update a couple of weeks back, Evolution Studios has now released a new patch for Driveclub that fixes a number of bugs that were previously reported by the community.

Update 1.19 weighs in at about 60MB, bringing the total of all of the game’s updates so far to just over 10GB. The latest patch promises to “fix a few minor bugs,” according to Game Director Paul Rustchynsky.

As for the seat-belt glitch that has been bothering players, that fix is not included in the current update. Rustchynsky, however, promised to add that in next month’s patch. Additionally, Driveclub is also going to receive more levels in July.

Accompanying the release of update 1.19, Sony has put out a new trailer that focuses on the RPM Expansion Pack and introduces players to its contents. The video also offers an insight into the various new cars it holds, and how they were created.

The list of cars include the McLaren 570S, Nissan GT-R (MY15), Nissan 370Z Nismo, 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. The expansion further add 11 new events and 5 new trophies.

Driveclub may have launched with numerous issues, and with a botched online mode that remained broken for a long period. With regular patches and updates, the game is now looking finer and smoother. Evolution Studios should have delayed Driveclub by at least six months.