Destiny The Taken King Expansion Weapons Are Game Changers

Similar to other Destiny expansions, The Taken King will also be adding a number of weapons, and Bungie is promising that weapons this time around are going to be unique.

The Taken King executive producer Mark Noseworthy, spoke during an interview regarding items and weapons we’ll be seeing in the new expansion.

Here’s what he had to say:

You might have seen a Suros rocket launcher. The Suros Regime is one of the Exotics from Destiny, and when you think about the Destiny universe, the Guardians are going out to these worlds and reclaiming them again and finding these golden age relics.

They’re bringing them back to the tower and then the machinists at the tower are deconstructing them, breaking these things down and reverse-engineering them.

He further said that we will be seeing Sorus family of weapons, and weapons from the same family will have similar characteristics. Meaning you will have an idea of what you’re getting into.

They sound a certain way, they feel a certain way. They have certain perks associated with them. And so in the E3 build, we have three weapon manufacturers present, we have Suros from the Suros regime family, we have Hakke and Omolon.

You can read more on what Mark had to say here.

Destiny The Taken King was showed during E3 and will be released later this year on September 15. PS4 players will have access to an exclusive Strike Mission along with some gear.