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Dark Souls 3: Gameplay Elements, Screenshots Shown off at Event in Japan

Dark Souls 3 was unveiled at E3 2015 and players who simply love games that get on their nerves are really excited about this one.

So for all of you who can’t wait to see “You Died” flash on your screen a couple of hundred times again, From Software shared some new details on the upcoming title. Sadly, the details that we picked up were in Japanese and since I am not really good at that, I have had to rely on online translations.

First off, the developers held a new video demonstration that featured the E3 2015 footage as well as something new that boasted of intelligent enemy placements and traps that you will only get past with sheer observation.

a number of new screenshots were revealed (thanks 4Gamer) that feature not just some of ridiculously amazing concept art but also a few of the locations that you might encounter in the game.

Moving on, some images featuring enemy characters and what looks like a boss were also shown off. You can check out all of the images in the gallery near the end of the story.

Moving on, gameplay features like multiple swords as well as arrows were discussed alongside the tactics they can be involved in when you are trying to breach the enemy defense.

A new monster that apparently can eat on the dead was shown off. Finally, a “Dancer” boss was shown off that is huge with a slim body armor and a sword that is blazing on fire.

Check out the details yourself at the link given above and tell us if you can make out something else with regards to Dark Souls 3.