Clash of Clans Haste Spell Revealed – Coming in Next Update

Clash of Clans will be getting a new update on July 1 that will introduce the Haste Spell into the game.

This is the third and last spell for the Dark Spell Factory, and will be available after a Maintenance Break. The Haste Spell will speed up your troops quite a bit, but unlike the Rage spell it will not increase the damage output of the troops.

The Haste spell will differ from the Rage spell in its radius and effectiveness. This new spell will have a much smaller radius than the Rage spell, but in turn it will have a much more significant boost to the speed. Additionally, it will also have a lower cost than the Rage spell, with the basic level costing 80 Dark Elixirs, while the Level 3 will cost 90 DEs.

The Haste spell is one of the three spells available from the Dark Spell Factory. The other two are Earthquake and Poison. Players will be able to buy the new Spell Factory from Town Hall 8.