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Batman Arkham Knight PC Gets You Supreme League of Patriots Free!

We all know that Batman Arkham Knight PC version has been such a let down that Rocksteady Studios had to take it off of Steam until the game gets good enough to play.

Now it seems that people are coming in to help out in whatever way they can. For instance an indie title Supreme League of Patriots is being given away for free to everyone who bought the game by today i.e. June 30.

The developers of the indie title say that “we’re making this offer to show our support for PC gamers” and interestingly you will be able to get Supreme League of Patriots for free even if you have claimed a refund!

We’re offering anyone who bought Arkham Knight for PC before midnight PST 30th June, 2015 (digital or retail) a free copy of the entire first season of Supreme League of Patriots. While we have every confidence that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. will keep patching Arkham Knight until it’s the amazing game we all anticipated, that doesn’t take away the disappointment that gamers felt.

Those of you who are interested in taking up this offer will have to make sure that they have a proof of purchase of the Batman Arkham Knight PC version and send it to

Doing just that will get you a free copy of the game as soon as they can get it to you.

I believe this is a good gesture of solidarity between big and small PC game developers – apart from being a good way to market a small game – although I am still pissed at the condition Batman Arkham Knight was released in.