Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.03 Now Available to Download on PS4

Update: Numerous fans are reporting that leaderboards are still broken, even after downloading the latest update.

Original Story: Similar to other games Batman Arkham Knight released with its faire share of post-release issues on consoles (too many issue on PC though).

One such issue is related to leaderboard on PS4, however, thanks to a new update 1.03 players will no longer experience problems with leaderboard.

The update is now available to download on PlayStation 4 and is only 100MB in size. The patch notes only mentioned “Leaderboard Fixes” so don’t expect it to make improvements to other aspects of the game.

Batman Arkham Knight released a week ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game experienced issue across all platforms but PC was hit the hardest. Things were so bad that WB had to suspend sales of the PC version until the game is in a playable shape.

PC versions are often neglected and it ┬áisn’t something new of us all, however, it is highly concerning that a studio gave the go ahead and released such a mess of a game.

Arkham Knight’s PC port was handled by Iron Galaxy, while Rocksteady focused on the console version of the game. The Iron Galaxy is now also handling Killer Instinct’s PC port with help from Microsoft Studios. Hopefully, Killer Instinct won’t suffer the way Arkham Knight did.

Note: Some fans are reporting that patch 1.03 is 3.5GB in size on their side, even after installing previous patches. It seems patches are having issues of their own.