Uncharted 4 May Sacrifice 60fps in Single-Player for Performance, Acceptable?

One obsession that the upgrade in graphical and processing power has created is having games playing at 1080p, 60 FPS. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is wowing fans, especially after the E3 demonstration but doubt still on performance.

Speaking with Gamespot, Kurt Margenau the lead designer for Naughty Dog has stated that while multiplayer is targeting 60fps, the single-player campaign may not be able to live up to the same promise. The reason for this is down to the intense action on the screen and just what power it takes for the Playstation 4 to keep everything running at acceptable levels.

Margenau was quoted as saying “If you look at the demo, and just how much is happening on the screen…physics…It’s insane,” and this is understandable, especially from the demo. While Naughty Dog are trying their hardest to get the game running at 60fps it just may not be possible while not sacrificing the visuals.

“Solid frame rate is the most important thing; that it’s consistent. But in multiplayer, we are targeting 60fps still. So we know how it feels on the stick to have [60fps] for a multiplayer game, to have that responsiveness.”

All of this speculation could be purely academic, especially if the game releases in 2016 with the desired framerate and resolution. Will the fans accept anything less though?

Hopefully fans can accept that to get the game looking as good as possible then sacrifices have to be made. I’d rather sacrifice the fps if we can get a game that plays like the demonstration we saw at E3.

What are your thoughts on these comments, would you rather Uncharted 4 run at 30fps so it can be visually stunning? Let us know your thoughts below.