The Last Guardian Delays, Reason for Continuing Explained

We know that The Last Guardian has taken too long, but Shuhei Yoshida, President Sony Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment says things are now looking good. He discussed a lot of developmental hurdles alongside the reason why they kept going.

He started off by agreeing that “we have to deliver, we have extra pressure, and the team has too.” Well, why wouldn’t they, the game made news in 2990 and since then it has been shuffling things here and there.

Anyhow, it is good to finally see that The Last Guardian is on a solid track to release next year; and after reading Yoshida’s comments I am positive it will actually make it because the circumstances that caused the previous hurdles in development have changed.

After discussing how the PS3 video they originally showed in 2009 was sped up because the developers were aiming for 30fps and were not there at the time of the reveal, he added that it took a lot of time to port the code to SPUs so that it would run faster.

All that took until 2011, and a little after that PlayStation 4 got announced making them redo everything they had done:

That was all about PS3 development going very, very slow. Come 2012 and we know the PS4 is coming. With the dev system available it became apparent for us that we just cannot continue like this in terms of the pace of development – we knew that we had to compromise on the design or the scope or the number of characters if we stayed on PS3. So in order to realise the vision we said let’s do PS4.

Moving on, Yoshida revealed, interestingly, that the continuous nagging that came their way from fans and the press alike, was a primary reason why they didn’t give up:

That was a huge reason we continued. I strongly felt that this game has to be made and we felt we came so close, so we knew the game that Ueda-San had imagined and we really wanted to finish it.

Oh and also, Mark Cerny and the Knack team are not the guys who were called in to finish development of The Last Guardian, Kenny has lent a hand to the game just like he has to many other projects, Yoshida said.