Terraria Massive Patch 1.3 Adds Plenty of New Content in the Game

The indie sandbox title Terraria is getting a massive update in the form of a ‘patch’. The Patch 1.3 is adding a ton of features in a game that is already filled with plenty of things to do, which means that Terraria players will get busier than ever.

Terraria will be adding around 800 new items to the game, and a new biome called the Underground Desert will also be added.

The patch will also introduce players to new merchants, such as the Skeleton Merchant and Tax Collector, both terrifying in their own way. Players will also have the ability to craft their own bee grenades as well.

Steam integration has also been promised as a part of the patch, making the process of joining multiplayer games much more streamlined.

Of course, this is merely touching the surface of the colossal patch notes themselves, which also involve a ten of additional things such as your regular fixes and tweaks, alongside a ton of other minor and major elements. Take a timeout from whatever you’re doing and read it if you’re a fan of the game.