Star Wars Battlefront Has No Death Star Map; Star Destroyers Can’t Be Directly Shot Down

The developers of Star Wars Battlefront recently took a few questions from Reddit users including some about the Death Star and Star Destroyers, and tried to answer them.

When they were asked about a map that could play out on the Death Star, the developers initially responded with a simple “we do not offer maps in space or space battles.”

However, they were later probed a little further by the fan who said he was simply inquiring about the possibility of an infantry based battle taking place on the Death Star. Sadly, that too is not going to happen:

We will not offer a Death Star based map. But stay tune for details around the maps we will offer.

Moving on, a lot of the Star Wars Battlefront fans were asking Electronic Arts about the role of Star Destroyer; whether you will be able to see them, board them or destroy them. Here’s what their response was:

Yes you will see them within maps, but you can’t physically shot them down. But the progression of how you’re playing will influence the Battles beyond the players battle.

In another instance, someone wanted to know if entering and leaving starships was going to be possible; the reply he got seems a little absurd to me as they said “you will be able to exit them,” I mean, why did they mention just exiting here? Nonetheless, this is how they explained it further:

All vehicles are obtained via power-ups across the battlefront. If you choose to use that power-up you spawn into the battle inside that vehicle.

Are you content with what EA and DICE are giving you in Star Wars Battlefront?