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Star Citizen Delays its FPS Module, Star Marine

Star Marine, the first-person shooter module of Star Citizen, still requires more time to shape up and hence, will not be releasing any time soon.

Cloud Imperium Games unveiled Star Marine at the recent PAX event in May. The module looked playable, and Game Director Chris Roberts stated that the team would only be needing a few more weeks to get it ready for a public release.

However, since then, the developer has realized that the aforementioned time frame was perhaps a mistake.

In a recent letter to the community, Roberts mentioned that Star Marine doesn’t have to be perfect for its release. However, it does need to convey to the players the direction in which the module will be going with future updates.

The current build fails in that perspective, and so Cloud Imperium Games is going to take time in executing the release right.

The delay is understandable when considering the amount of features the team is trying to add to the component. In the letter, Roberts explained that a major challenge which the team is currently overcoming is regarding the building of a lot of systems for each feature from the ground up.

He mentioned that testing is ongoing, but the community shouldn’t expect Star Marine to release in the next few weeks.

In a response to those who wanted a clarification over how the delay of Star Marine will effect the final release of Star Citizen, Roberts said that only 15 percent of the Star Citizen staff is currently working on the first-person shooter module.

I can’t stress enough that two additional months spent on Star Marine are not the same thing as two months of a delay for Star Citizen.

While a tentative release date wasn’t mentioned for Star Marine, it’s unlikely that Cloud Imperium Games will be pushing it until the end of July or early August.

Source RSI