Shenmue 3 – Yu Suzuki Reveals Game Content for Further Kickstarter Funding

Yu Suzuki has revealed what additional content he plans to bring to Shenmue 3 with his team if they manage to reach the bonus goals of $5 million and even $10 million funding on Kickstarter.

The title managed successfully raise its initial target of $2 million on the first week, and currently sits at $3.47 million at the time of writing, with eighteen days to go.

Suzuki updated the Kickstarter page with additional revelation of his team’s plans for Shenmue 3 if they manage to surpass the next two targets. In the Twitch Q&A Suzuki mentioned vital objectives, such as the possibility of Warring Kingdom scenarios in the third installment if the funding reaches $5 million.

“Going to $5 million, there will be features not present in 1 & 2, features that I really want to see in Shenmue 3 like the Warring Kingdom scenarios.”

Additionally, $10 million would allow the devs to make the title more open-world.

“At the $10 million level, the area Choubu will get a big expansion, and be like Dobuita in Yokosuka where you will have a lot of options to explore and have fun. I hope we can shoot for that goal and make Shenmue 3 more open world like.”

The $10 million objective looks far, but $5 million is highly possible, and Yu Suzuki plans to use the additional funds to focus on the area Baisha, with siege and infiltration events based on the Warring Kingdoms.

“The $5 million Stretch Goal will focus on the area, Baisha. This will be something new and fun I would like to include for Shenmue 3. It will include siege and infiltration events based off the Warring Kingdoms period in Chinese history.”

In addition to this, Suzuki also revealed quite a few other things about Shenmue 3, such as the work on facial expressions, the remodeling of Ryo, and talks about the skill tree.

Shenmue 3 will release for PC and PlayStation 4. It’s development is expected to hit peak after the Kickstarter fundraising campaign has ended.