Playstation Plus Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary with Free Gifts

Playstation Plus may have had its ups and downs but one thing it has always managed to do was to serve its fans. Since going live 29th July 2010 it’s provided users with over 350 games and now offers titles for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Vita as well as providing online play.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the service, if you’ve been a subscriber from the very beginning, a limited edition gift is going to be sent to you. If this includes you then you’ll receive an email about it today.

While the Playstation Blog weren’t giving anything away on this, NeoGAF revealed that the gift is a personalized print that reveals gaming milestones you’ve achieved on Playstation Plus since the very beginning.

Much like Xbox’s Live service, Playstation Plus has provided gamers the ability to have certain privileges while playing online. With the move to Playstation 4, the service became even more important to the machine and as a result gained more users by tying the importance of the service with being able to use the machine online.

With the number of high quality games that the service has provided from the very beginning though it is often seen that the service has been worth its cost. I’m not sure how many users will have been members from the very beginning without missing at least a month or two but I guess we’ll see the answer to that one when we see how many get the personalised prints.

With over 270 million hours spent on the service with such games as FIFA 15 and Call of Duty, and with the reliance on the system for Playstation 4 online play it’s safe to assume that Playstation Plus will be going for many more years to come.

Did you receive any emails about the Playstation Plus 5th Anniversary today? Let us know your thoughts below.