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Mass Effect Andromeda Has “Ridiculously Cool” Weather Effects on Objects, Characters

We are all hype for Mass Effect Andromeda (so long for calling it Mass Effect 4), and want to know as much about it as we can at such an early stage.

Despite that, the developers have not talked much about it ever since the E3 2015 reveal except for a few responses on Twitter and the reaction video that Bioware developers made in response to fan videos.

Now, however, we have just a little bit more to share with you. Senior Development Director of Mass Effect Andromeda at Bioware, Chris Wynn, took to his official Twitter profile to tease that the game is going to have “ridiculously cool” weather effects on objects as well as characters.

Not just that, Wynn added that he had just watched the whole thing in action and it really blew him away!

Tech art team just blew me away with a demo of weather effects on objects and characters in game. Was ridiculously cool.

Prior to this, Wynn had also tweeted about a “milestone day” on June 26 but did not discuss what exactly had been achieved with regards to the development of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Knowing that the game is not going to be set in the Milky Way Galaxy but some other system altogether, I think we are in for some really different weather conditions that could also vary from planet to planet.

To what extent did they use their imagination when designing those weather types and weather effects on characters and objects is still to be seen.

Mass Effect Andromeda is slated for a release in the last quarter of 2016.