HoloLens Trip to the International Space Station Doesn’t Go as Planned

It’s no surprise that Microsoft would be working with NASA when it comes to the Hololens as Microsoft’s augmented reality headsets are perfect for allowing people on this planet to simulate landscapes of others, like Mars.

The latest space adventures didn’t go quite to plan though.

As part of Microsoft and NASA working together two brand new headsets were due to go to the International Space Station where various experiments would be undertaken using the service. These tests included the use of augmented reality on the station itself to add information to the crew’s field of view. 

Another plan was to use the headsets to send back visual information from the crew itself. This in theory was fine, but getting the Hololens up there has met a fate that brought them back down to Earth, with the SpaceX Falcon 9 ship which was due to take the trip to the station blowing up two minutes and nineteen seconds after lift-off. 

Not only was the Hololens goggles on the ship but also food supplies. Obviously, this is a drawback for Microsoft and NASA, but the food will have been more important at this stage. 

I’m sure the Microsoft Hololens can be resent at another time, or with the next shipment of food which will likely be sent soon.

The technology behind Hololens is interesting, especially when it comes to what it potentially can do on the International Space Station. While lots of what we see of the Hololens is aimed at showing how it can go up against the Oculus Rift as a new way of interacting with games, there is so much more that both technologies can be used for.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Hololens being used on the International Space Station? Let us know below.