Dying Light: Two “Big Features” Heading for the Modding Community

Dying Light is going to receive two “big features” for the modding community soon, Techland has revealed.

In an interview with GameZone, producer Tymon Smektala talked about how the development team is continuously working to bring new and better modding tools for the PC modding community.

The first of the two tools is going to enable mesh importing, which “will allow players to import their own objects into the game to interact with — I feel some weird stuff is coming our way.”

According to Smektala, it should be released within a couple of weeks. However, that is just an estimate and the time frame could be changed if the team requires more time.

The second tool involves multiplayer support and is something the cooperative players have been requesting for quite a while. “Since co-op is a huge part of the Dying Light experience, this is something fans have been asking for quite relentlessly so we gotta give them what they want!”

Smektala, however, didn’t go into details regarding this new feature. Perhaps someone out there with a good speculation can inform us what Techland might be cooking up for Dying Light.

Dying Light was released in January of this year, and since then has seen to the release of a number of free and paid DLC packs. The third and final expansion for its Season Pass, The Bozak Horde, was released only recently.

Techland, though, has no plans of dropping support for the game any time soon. The developer called a Dying Light 2 sequel a “no brainer,” but currently the resources are focused upon making Dying Light reach past its potential.

Smektala teased “something cool” for Dying Light fans at Gamescom 2015, which will be held in August.