Diddy Kong Racing 2 Could be on its Way to the Nintendo NX

If you were a Nintendo 64 gamer then you’ll no doubt have fond memories of Diddy Kong Racing. While Mario Kart maybe the kart game of choice for most, there are enough people who would love for Diddy to make a return, but yet we still wait.

Things may be changing though, especially when Nintendo have recently filed a trademark in Europe for the character. This is obviously something that could be connected to other games he is in, but this doesn’t stop hope building. It shows at least some movement in the developing world of Diddy.

In an interesting side note to add to this, but a little more of a conspiracy theory, did you notice that Ewata was holding up bananas during the E3 presentation? This is seen by some as another hint, though again this could be related to Donkey Kong games, read into that what you will.

This is where things get interesting though, Kevin Callahan on his personal blog actually states that a Diddy Kong Racing 2 game is actually in development, just don’t expect it on the Wii U. In fact he says that development for the game is actually moving to the NX.

Providing some interesting information, such as the price of the NX being aimed at $149.99 we can’t take this as confirmed. We’ll have to see what Nintendo actually reveal about the NX before we know what the actual truth is.

Whatever rumours around Diddy Kong Racing 2 float around the internet, it would be nice to see some concrete evident. It would definitely be a welcome return for another successful karting game and a big release that Nintendo could definitely benefit from for their new console.

Would you like to see the return of Diddy Kong Racing 2? Let us know your thoughts below.