Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Hiring for New Open-World Action IP

Warner Bros. Montreal, the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins, are offer jobs to developers for what seems to be a new open world IP.

The studio’s job page features a list of various roles, and a few give a vague indication of what kind of a game we would expect from the studio. The game in-question will be an open-world action title, and the target audience is apparently the owners of the ‘next-generation platforms’.

The technical director role description gives a hint that WB will continue to use Epic Games’ well-renowned Unreal Engine, as it requires the ability to use “scripting languages and design tools of the Unreal Engine.”

Warner Bros. Montreal was responsible in developing Batman: Arkham Origins while Rocksteady developed the recently released Arkham Knight.

The firm has been working on establishing itself as a major developing studio since 2013, with a $1.5 million grant by the government being given as a part of a larger $63 million initiative to make the WB Montreal into an established firm by offering over a 100 jobs and buying new equipment by 2018.

Warner Bros’ expansion is much appreciated, but hopefully they can learn from the publishing errors of Arkham Knight on the PC, which has led to highly negative reviews on Steam and ultimately the game being withdrawn from sales.

Hopefully WB Montreal will hire folks who can port games to the PC in a better manner.