Alleged Battlefield 2143 Leaked Screenshots Are Fake.

There are millions of Battlefield fans who want to see what is coming their way now that Hardline is old story – however, Battlefield 2143 is not the answer.

Recently, someone shared a couple of screenshots for the next installment in the Battlefield series, allegedly called Battlefield 2143.

The images, that looked like they were off screen pictures, came up on Reddit where they got the attention of a lot of the fans.

However, don’t think that Battlefield 2143 is actually the next installment – at least not based on those screenshots – because they have been confirmed as fake. The post where they were uploaded has been updated to read “the images were fake, confirmed by OP. Nothing to see here anymore.”

It is a fact that images that surface online through the unofficial sources always have the chance of actually being legitimate but not all of them are.

In light of the seemingly endless list of fake leaks that we have had in the past, this one should also have been treated with caution.

That being said, Battlefield 2143 is the same title that we reported on in 2012. DICE wanted to make this a futuristic game set in the year 2143 that would play as a sequel to Battlefield 2142.

Since the developers have not announced anything regarding the next title in the series, and the supposed battlefield 2143 screenshots have also turned out to be fake, which way do you think Electronic Arts would go from here?