Splatoon Hacker Can Now Change Ink Colors

A hacker who has been making Splatoon news for the past week has now found a way to change the colors of the ink inside the game.

A recent video by NWPlayer12345 shows us how he is able to play around with the colors and apparently choose from a pallet of sorts. In one instance, the single-player stage pitted both teams in a black vs white ink duel.

Earlier this week, the same hacker found a ton of information on the game through data mining the disc. He went through all of the upcoming DLC and add-on content which is presently available on the disc. He even made some of that content accessible right now, including a new “Sploosh-o-matic” weapon that is powerful in taking care of enemies in close range.

As for the content itself, the hacker discovered a two unreleased maps called Camp and Skyscraper. There was also a new game mode (not counting Tower Control since it was already announced) called Rainmaker. In this mode you have to take control of the item called Rainmaker and carry it to the base of your opponent.

You can read on what the hacker discovered in detail here.