Project Cars’ Ian Bell Hates Nintendo Fans? No, he just has a Sense of Humour

Public relations for companies can be a complicated thing, especially when connected to the gaming community. With the internet giving us all a voice to vent our frustrations, and often right at the company that have aggravated us, there are times the response we get may not be the one we wanted.

A good case of this was when a Nintendo fan “trolled” Ian Bell, the studio head of Slightly Mad Studios over Project Cars and the struggles with the Wii U. To fully understand the situation first read the forum post here.  As you can see, after the rather over the top statement by a Nintendo fan gets a rather succinct reply from Ian Bell:

“Yup, and if you need to pass this on, we really dislike Nintendo users.”

Any sensible reader would take this comment and see the humour in it, but what we forget is that this is the Internet. When a reply such as this is given it tends to be taken literally.  Bell then had to clarify that he was not being serious:

“Do you really honestly think I was serious when I said to a member that he should go quote that we don’t like Nintendo users?”

What we sometimes forget is that people like Ian Bell aren’t meant to answer jokingly, how dare they? Well they dare, for the simple fact they are a human being. The simple fact is he was joking when he said that, and if you don’t see the comedy that lighten up slightly. In saying this though there is a lesson to be had.

The fact that the situation with the Wii U version of Project Cars is a total shambles did disappoint fans, and while a user did “troll” his opinion about this maybe it was not the best time to joke, especially in a public relations sense.

My opinion on this is that people should not be so easy to be offended by a joking reply like that, especially on a forum. As the studio head of the company though Ian Bell should also be a little more tactful with potential buyers of the games his company makes. Then off the cuff remarks like that won’t be used against him.

Do you think Nintendo users need a sense of humour over Ian Bell’s comment, or did he go too far? Let us know your thoughts below.