League of Legends Male Announcer Pack Coming, Listen to Dialogue Lines Here

League of Legends players will be glad to know that Riot Games is planning on bringing you a new male announcer pack for the game.

There are no evidences of this in the full game as of now, but actually the male announcer pack for the game is being tested on the the public beta environment as we speak.

The dialogues covered by the new pack cover all maps including Summoner’s Rift, Crystal Scar, and Twisted Treeline.

League of Legends is going to get the Bilgewater event soon and as if the male announcer pack was made with that in mind, the new voice over sounds a lot like a pirate. There is pirate jargon used, and the accent feels like it too.

Personally I think this would really make sense since the Butcher’s Bridge map is also going to get launched in the event.

Watch the video above if you are interested in checking out the dialogue lines for the global version – there are some exclusive lines for the Dominion which you can listen to

" target="_blank">here.

Riot Games has not shared anything as far as the appearance of the announcer is concerned.

Keep checking back for more updates on League of Legends.