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Devil’s Third Vanishes from “Future Releases” Section of eShop

Following unanswered questions regarding the release date of Devil’s Third, the game has now vanished overnight from the “Future Releases” section of North American’s Wii U eShop.

If the silence about the game at E3 2015 wasn’t worrying enough, this latest update probably reveals the gritty truth about the state of the game in the region. Interestingly, the game’s HUB page is still available on Nintendo’s website.

No official word has yet been spoken to clarify the current situation.

At E3 2015, Nintendo of America had nothing to say about Devil’s Third. The company’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Charlie Scibetta, dodged each and every question about the game’s release in North America.

Devil’s Third is already confirmed for an August release in Japan, Europe, and Australia. Things look bad for North America, though.

The Wii U title is led by Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of modern day Ninja Gaiden. Devil’s Third was announced back in 2010 but development took a hiatus when THQ was shut down in 2013.

The game was then promised to be published by Nintendo at E3 2014. However, this year, the game is completely missing in action for the specific region.