Battlefield: Hardline Ultimate Edition PS4 Owners Locked Out of Criminal Activity

Reports are coming in from Battlefield: Hardline players that state a specific group to be unable to access the game’s first expansion pack, Criminal Activity.

The DLC was launched just last week for Battlefield Premium members. However, PlayStation 4 users who chose to purchase the game’s Ultimate Edition, have been seemingly locked out.

According to posts made on the Battlelog forum in the past week, users are able to download the DLC but Battlefield: Hardline refuses to recognize the installation afterwards.

The issue seems to be isolated to only players with the Ultimate Edition. Owners of the stand-alone game or its Deluxe Edition have had no problems playing the expansion.

Zach Mumbach, a multiplayer producer, responded to the players on the forum on June 20, apologizing and promising to look into it. “Right now we are looking at all the digital versions on PS4 to make sure everyone can download. Best update I can give you right now,” he wrote back then.

However, since then, there has been no update from DICE. PlayStation 4 owners of the Ultimate Edition remain locked out from their purchase.

Battlefield: Hardline’s Ultimate Edition is the most expensive version of the game. Priced at $119.99, the bundle includes Battlefield: Hardline Premium, which offers two weeks of exclusive access to all four of the game’s upcoming expansion packs, and 25 Battlepacks, which are unlocked in-game for random loot and XP Boosts.

via Battlelog