Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets A New Update In Preview Program

Xbox One preview members are currently enjoying the backwards compatibility feature provided to them in the preview program. The new functionality is being tested for bugs and issues, before its final roll-out in Fall 2015.

Fans using the service reported a few issues with backwards compatibility, including a one which stopped users from streaming games on Twitch.

Moreover, there was a problem with matchmaking in backwards compatible titles as well. Preview members will be happy to know that both of these annoyances are fixed with the latest update.

You can check out the patch notes below:

OS version released: xb_rel_1507.150621-2200
Available: 6:00PM PT 6/24 (2AM GMT 25/6)


  • Fix for an issue preventing users from Twitch Streaming Backward Compatibility titles.
  • Fix to address issues with Matchmaking in Backward Compatibility multiplayer titles.

Xbox One’s backwards compatibility is something that fans wanted since release. Microsoft no doubt made plenty of mistakes in the beginning with Xbox One, but they are making all the right moves to tackle Sony since then.

E3 2015 was a high-point for Microsoft and Xbox brand as a whole, in a sense the Xbox One was relaunched during the company’s press-conference.

Microsoft is also making advancements in bringing together its Windows OS and Xbox, and the new Xbox App for Windows 10 is a testament of that.

On the other hand, Sony said it was surprised by Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement and says for the time being they have no plans for such a feature.

Sony does have PlayStation Now but lag is an issue that will always cause problems. Hopefully, Sony will come-up with a solution for proper backwards compatibility, because I would love to go back to some of my favorite PS3 games.