The Last Guardian Hero and Beast Discussed by Fumito Ueda

We saw The Last Guardian at E3 2015; and I still think it is a good idea, but how good is it if it won’t get released? It has been years since the developers have been “discussing” things in the game and this time is no different.

Fumito Ueda, creative director for the game sat down after the E3 demonstration and shed some more light on the main hero as well as the beast, Triico.

Our goal for Triico was to mix elements of common pets like dogs and cats with visual elements that would give it a wilder appearance. It is not the boy’s pet, but his companion. Both were imprisoned in these ruins and realize they can work together to escape.

He explained the companion part by saying that you will not be able to control Triico directly but instead “learn to read Triico and respond to him accordingly.”

This was demonstrated in an extended trailer of The Last Guardian where the beast is whimpering a little (it is hurt due to those sticks that were in its body) and the hero feeds it a barrel – like you do with a pet when it is hurt.

The game relies on you, the player, to form a relationship with Triico and you must use the boys nimbleness and Triico’s size to your advantage.

More discussions, more comments on what is the place of the beast and they boy in The Last Guardian but nothing more. I for one am getting tired of not being able to see things moving in any direction, for instance, proper trailers, release date and so on.

Now I saw the E3 trailer too, but that is as far as they have gone with the game ever since it was announced years ago! Lets hope this year has changed that.