The Division Executive Producer Discusses The Dark Zone

Tom Clancy’s The Division has not disappointed anyone with regards to the game features, the gameplay, and the story setting (release date is an exception though) and the Dark Zone was just another feature that impressed us at E3 2015.

Now, Ubiosft has released a new video featuring Fred Rundqvist the executive producer of the game as he talks about the dark Zone even more.

The story behind Dark Zone in The Division is pretty interesting:

The dark zone is in the middle of Manhattan and it was an early attempt by the military to contain the disease andthe outbreaks but they had to evac that area when things spiraled out of control. During that evac they haad to leave their best equipment, hence the best loot in the game.

From the open world you get seamless entry into the Dark Zone and hence join the PvP. It gets interesting, if you decide to go rogue and shoot other agents, you get flagged and every other agent will know you for what you are!

To add to that, it gives them additional bounty to kill an agent who has gone rogue.

He also discusses a new faction called the Rikers who are actually broke out of prison during the outbreak – definitely dangerous!

Check out the video above and tell us would you venture into the dark zone of The Division?