StarCraft 2 Archon Mode to be Featured at Red Bull Battle Grounds

Red Bull Battle Grounds and the new Archon Mode are two things that you would definitely know about if you are a fan of StarCraft 2.

Luckily for you, qualifiers for the mega event begin today in Toronto and guess what, the new Archon Mode is also scheduled to debut during the competition!

What makes the Archon Mode even more interesting is that it is going to be a 2v2 mode that is most definitely going to be liked by the professional players. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Red Bull Battle Grounds has quickly become one of the premier events of the eSports scene. Debuting for the first time in a professional tournament series, StarCraft II’s Archon Mode takes center stage as the top players will compete in pairs for a chance at the glory. Debuting the all-new 2-on-2 competitive gameplay of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’’s new Archon Mode, Red Bull Battle Grounds will feature a series of qualifying events featuring some of the top performing players in the world as well as up and coming amateurs, of which four teams of two will advance to the Grand Finals.

In case you don’t know the schedule yet but wish to stay updated, here are the dates for the qualifiers, playoffs as well as the finals of StarCraft 2 Red Bull Battle Grounds:

  • June 26-28: Toronto Qualifier
  • July 3: Qualifier 1
  • July 10: Qualifier 2
  • July 17: Qualifier 3
  • July 24: Qualifier 4
  • July 31: Qualifier 5
  • August 7: Qualifier 6
  • August 28-30: Playoffs
  • September 19: Grand Finals in Washington, D.C.

Are you up for the challenge in StarCraft 2?