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Star Wars Battlefront PC Alpha Sign Up is Live, Register Now!

Electronic Art’s Star Wars Battlefront is on its way and as was announced at E3 there will be a chance for the public to apply to take part in the Alpha testing phase. Today details were announced for the PC testing through Origin.

All you have to do to apply is to visit the sign up page and show your interest in taking part. After filling in a few details you’ll then be added to the list of potential testers. You’ll then be notified by email whether you’ve been successful.

With the game releasing November 17, 2015 there is still a wait to get the full game, so I’m sure fans will rush to be a part of the alpha and get their some hands on time with the game early. Remember though, taking part in early testing does have its drawbacks.

Hopefully these tests, both alpha and later beta, will help DICE to optimise the servers and find any bugs that are lurking in the game so that everything releases on time. This was done with previous games such as Battlefield Hardline, which memorably led to a delay in the games release. Lets hope that doesn’t happen again.

While it would be interesting to know what levels will be available in the alpha phase it looks like those haven’t been released just yet, but for those who are successful on getting on the test, they’ll find out. I doubt there will be much choice, as at this stage it’ll be more about stress testing and technical issues rather than what level the testers want to play.

What are your thoughts on Alpha Testing for Star Wars Battlefront Close Alpha? Will you be signing up for it?