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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Stretch Goals Revealed for Upto $11M

The existence of Shenmue 3 was confirmed at this year’s E3 and ever since then, people have been going crazy donating for it on the game’s Kickstarter Page.

Recently, game creator Yu Suzuki mentioned a $10 million stretch goal that would give us a “true open world” in the game. However, the Kicstarter Page in question only had goals up to $5 million.

Ys Net has now revealed their extended stretch goals since the game has already reached $3,647,779 from 45,653 backers. The list goes up to $11 million and even lists a blank spot for a further extension. You can check out hte image at the end of the story for all of the stretch goals.

The developers have also explained what they are aiming at with these.

14 years of planning and ideas from one of the greatest game designers of all time… darn right, there are Stretch Goals! Could these Stretch Goals lead this next Shenmue to change the way we play games again? You know they can. But we can’t add Stretch Goals after the game is on shelves.

The more we can raise during this campaign, the more Shenmue 3 will come alive. Together, we can make it happen. Together, we can make a Shenmue that surpasses even the originals!

Well, if it really gets to those bigger stretch goals, I am sure a lot can be done!

They further discussed why Shenmue 3 has such extensive stretch goals, it is going to be a fruit of those 14 long years, and so they want it to justify the wait:

The real challenge now is to deliver a sequel that we will all be satisfied with after 14 years of waiting. After much research and planning, we set the funding goal at this level believing it will make possible a fulfilling Shenmue experience.

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Stretch Goals