MGS 5 The Phantom Pain PC: Developer Wants to Know What You Want

This week the controversy around Batman: Arkham Knight’s release on the PC has reminded us how things can go wrong during the release process. This is the latest in a long run of games with a notable game being Assassin’s Creed: Unity so it’s nice to see some companies focus more on customer service rather than rushing games out.

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain coming in September, PC owners will no doubt be wanting a better experience with the game than they did with Batman. The signs for this have been made more hopeful with Robert Peeler Kojima Productions community manager took to Steam to ask the forum users what they want to see in the game.

With more than 500 comments so far requests appear to be on the technical side of things. These include FOV options, the separation of post-processing, full mouse support (in menus), no lock on the frame-rate, anti-aliasing settings, and other fine tuning settings that you often find in PC versions of the popular games.

It is interesting to note that Batman: Arkham Knight did cause annoyance by having a lack of these.

While there obviously isn’t enough time for all the requests to be fulfilled Peeler did say that he would try his best to look into as many as possible.

There will be a cut-off point soon as to when anymore changes can be made to the game, and testing would have to be done to make sure that these options don’t lead to any instability to the game. It’s nice to know that the fans are being listened to though.

What options are important to you in a PC game like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Let us know below.