Fan-Project, Resident Evil 2: Reborn, Releases Impressive Unreal Engine 4 Video

Resident Evil 2: Reborn is an unofficial project undertaken by InvaderGames. The team consists of fans of the popular survival horror game from Capcom, and who are bent on recreating the beloved title to give it a more current-gen look.

Development has been going since early 2014. InvaderGames initially started with the Unity engine to power its remake. However, earlier this year, the developer decided to dropped it in favor of Unreal Engine 4.

To celebrate the achieving of a new project milestone, a video was released a couple of months back to show us the remade environments of a new stage in Resident Evil 2: Reborn.

Surprisingly, Capcom has not attempted to step in and stop the development of this game. It does have the rights to stop anyone trying to get friendly with its licenses. Perhaps it has to do with Resident Evil 2: Reborn not having any release date at the moment, and that it’s probably going to be released for free.