Chances Are Slim for Horizon Zero Dawn Multiplayer, Focus on Singleplayer

There have been rumors circulating Horizon Zero Dawn regarding the multiplayer aspect of the game, or should I say fears. People have been claiming, based on unofficial sources, that the game is only going to feature a singleplayer mode.

Since this was not confirmed or denied clearly by Guerrilla Games at amazing reveal of the title, there still is hope – despite the rumors that state otherwise.

However, I think that the chances of Horizon Zero Dawn getting a multiplayer mode are even slimmer now because of what the game director, Mathijs de Jonge, said in response to a question for the same.

Over at Twitter someone inquired about the multiplayer from De Jonge but his short and vague reply simply stated that they “are focusing on singleplayer.”

He didn’t whether it means the multiplayer is not being made at all or if it is just not the primary focus of the development team. He also did not say if there was a chance we could get it in the future, fueling the rumors even further.

We have reached out to Guerrilla Games in order to get an official word from them on the matter, and will get back to you on this as soon as they respond. Fingers crossed until then.

Should Horizon Zero Dawn have a multiplayer mode too? voice your opinions in the comments below.