Uncharted Movie Loses Director While Taking a New Direction

We have heard only tidbits about Uncharted Movie for sometime now. Sony has been tight lipped and gave nothing away, all we know for sure is that they do have a movie planned based on the popular gaming franchise.

However, after a while we have finally been provided with news about the movie, but it isn’t what many of us expected.

The movie hasn’t gone into production yet and will take a long time before hitting theaters. To make matters worse, director Seth Gordon has left the project.

A recent report suggested that Sony is looking to cut-down on the budget of the movie, and is looking for something in the lines of Resident Evil.  As we know, Resident Evil movies are made with a low budget but they manage to make plenty of revenue.

Sony is in a peculiar position financially so it would make sense for them to make alterations to the budget. However, that isn’t the case if a different report from The Warp is to be believed.

The report claims that Sony chief Tom Rothman is looking to make some creative changes to the project rather than making budget cuts.

This new creative direction is to be blamed for Gordon’s exit.

Sony is yet to release an official statement/explanation regarding the matter, but we will let you know as soon as more is shared.