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Kingdom Hearts 3 is A Lot Bigger, Sophisticated, Fluid, Integrated Says Tetsuya Nomura

E3 2015 brought the definitive version of Kingdom Hearts 3 which has come a long way as compared to the original reveal; and now we have a bit more information for you.

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts 3 recently gave an interview to an Italian website that. We have used online translations to help you understand, so forgive us for any grammatical incoherence in the quoted statements below.

While talking about the game’s world Nomura reiterated that “even if the structure is not comparable to that of the open world titles, [it] is much larger and more complex than previous Kingdom Hearts.”

He then delved into what was meant by sophistication here, detailing how black transition screens between two areas will be cut out, environment will be affected by what Sora does with magic and so on:

It will, first of all, [have] less load [screens]: in previous titles, when it reached the end of a section, a transition occurred on the black until the next loading; Now, however, everything is fluid and integrated, as you can see in the trailer when Sora jumps from the mountain where he just fought. There will also be greater interaction with the environment, such as air pressure resulting from the use of magic will affect the movement of the grass and other elements of the scenario.

On a question about their plans for TGS 2015 Nomura said that they “can’t say that” but confirmed that more information and/ or gameplay will be revealed at D23 Expo Japan this year.

D23 Expo Japan is supposed to be held in early November this year while the Tokyo Game Show 2015 is scheduled for September. In my opinion if they are positive abut D23 it means they are probably planning a release date announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3 there.